Friday, September 30, 2016

Well Loved Table


This table has been refinished in antique white, distressed and coated with poly. 
Do you remember as a kid you had that one favourite toy that you loved to pieces?
I had a little stuffed donkey that I just loved. (I know, who gives their kid a stuffed donkey?and why would I grow attached to a stuff donkey?That's something we can try to figure out another day.) Back to the stuffie, it was brownish grey with a black fuzzy tipped tail. I slept with that thing every night. I have it in my childhood memories box. It now has one eye, the tail is hanging on by a thread(it was sown on a few too many times) and one of it's ears is missing. But I loved it...and when I look at it now I remember so much. This table is kind of like my well loved stuffie. It was well used, had a pretty rough top, and a few dings and knicks on it. But I am sure whoever used it and loved it, made some pretty good memories sitting around it. The best thing is, that it doesn't have to sit in some storage box like my well loved stuffie. It gets to be used by a new family, where they can make 
memories sitting around it. And as the family grows or changes your memories can 
always be remembered sitting around the kitchen table. And as you sit around your new table maybe you can figure out why a little girl would love to snuggle with a stuffed donkey!

Dimensions: 21"W x 32 1/4"D x 28.5"H

This piece is available for $225
Please call or email with any questions.

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